Saturday, October 27, 2007

IROS 2007 Workshop on Robot and Intelligent System Performance Evaluation

If you dared or are daring to reach San Diego for IROS 2007, don' t miss the workshop on
'Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking for Intelligent Robots and Systems' organized by Angel P. del Pobil, Raj Madhavan and Elena Messina. (Executive 4 room, November 2).
(By the way the situation in San Diego, at least in the city, looks quite normal, and well under control, although there have been big damages in the area due to fire blazes, as you know)
Among other very interesting presentations you will get an update about the EURON Good Experimental Methodology and Benchmarking Sig, and some preliminary thoughts on the matter, and have an opportunity to discuss these topics.
See you in San Diego.