Tuesday, January 30, 2007

HeronRobots go to SecondLife

With the new year new offices for Heron: we have created a small spot (heron spot) with a few meeting areas for us and our friends in SecondLife ( here you can find a travel guide to this virtual world :-) ).
You will see that the architecture of our offices is sligthly unusual, we have been influenced by the DeChirico exhibition in Padova (don' t miss it if you can).
As Rodica Buzescu, chief architect on the Wired SecondLife offices project, says, "The beauty of Second Life is that it allows you to embody an idea in the form of architecture in a way you never could in real life."
(in the meantime we have opened a small office in Val Polcevera the once (more:-) ) polluted area of Genova)

Click the link, just in case you want to teleport to us :-)